LEAR connectors

At Lear Connectors, we offer high-quality, durable connectors in a range of sizes and configurations. Our connectors are easy to install and made from corrosion-resistant materials. We also offer custom development and testing & certification services. Contact us to learn more about our products and how we can meet your specific needs.

LEAR terminals

LEAR terminals are a type of electrical connector manufactured by Lear Corporation, which is an American company. They are used to connect wires to electronic devices and equipment without the need for soldering. These connectors typically consist of a plastic housing with spring-loaded metal contacts that securely clamp onto the wire, providing a reliable and secure connection. They are available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate a variety of wire gauges and they are suitable for different types of wires such as stranded, solid, and tinned wires. They are widely used in the automotive industry and are known for their high reliability and durability. They are easy to use and can be disconnected and reconnected multiple times without damaging the connector or the wire.

Lear’s product portfolio includes standard and custom terminal and connector systems, with capabilities ranging from signal to high power. Lear’s experience in integrating terminal and connector solutions throughout the vehicle’s electrical distribution system allows for maximum reliability while reducing cost.

Lear’s capabilities cover the complete value chain, from advanced research and development and tooling construction, to extensive manufacturing expertise—allowing us to shorten the product and process development cycle.

With more than 200 patents filed, Lear continues to commit its resources to the development of the industry’s most technically advanced terminals and connectors. Our focus remains on developing and manufacturing high-performance, ultra-compact, cost-effective systems, engineered for optimal performance anywhere in the vehicle including:

  • Terminal systems starting at 0.5 mm
  • Wire cross section starting at 0.08mm²
  • Sealed and unsealed solutions
  • Reliable electrical contact due to spring loaded terminal system designs
  • Compact inline solutions with various housings ranging from 16-way to 62-way
  • Fuse solutions like master fuse and single fuses
  • Press fit pins and pin headers
  • Electronic module connection systems

Lear’s state-of-the-art terminal and connector global production facilities employ innovative manufacturing by using automated processes and advanced technology, including robotics for precise applications such as pin headers for gateway modules, which provides top performance and the highest possible quality.

48V & High Voltage Terminals & Connectors

Lear’s global high-power connections systems provide the integrated solutions and standalone products in demand for 48V and HV performance.

Lear’s full product portfolio of high current box terminals and high-current round pin terminals perform at the highest level, with numerous product features, including:

  • Connection systems up to 1,000V
  • High voltage interlock (HVIL)
  • Waterproof and shielded connection systems with noise reduction up to 70dB
  • Available insulated tip that reduces risk of inadvertent high voltage discharge
  • Crimp or sonic-welded termination technology
  • 2-way & 3-way connectors for AC & DC applications
  • Flexible 4-way connector
    • 2, 2-way connections; or
    • 1, 3-way connection

This portfolio offers our customers a high-performance, ultra-compact, cost-effective system that is engineered for optimal performance anywhere in the vehicle.